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Welcome to the New Restoration Website!


We are at the point now of a bold NEW BEGINNING for the Work of God! I ugre you to listen to my Feast of Trumpets Message for 2011, which you can find in our Talkshoe archive which is accessible from our Sermon, Services, and Bible Study page. God is moving rapidly now, teaching us how to get in tune with the power of his Holy Spirit..

We now have new options for donations, but all checks now need to be made out to my frist and last name due to banking changes, so they now must be made out to Mark Allen, and denominated in US dollars drawn on a US bank. WE CAN NOW ACCEPT MONEY ORDERS, and, if you want to USE YOUR CREDIT CARD OR ONLINE BANKING, WE ALSO NOW ACCEPT ALERTPAY. Howevr, in order to pay us via Alertpay, we have to know the amount you plan to give and then we can have Alertpay send you an email giving you options to pay with your credit card, etc., and you don't have to join Alertpay to do it. If you have an Alertpay account already, you can just transfer funds from your Alertpay account to ours. In either case, please fill out a Helpdesk ticket, telling us how much you want to donate, and if you have an Alertpay account or not. If you do have an Alertpay account, we will send you details to transfer funds directly to our account. If not, just tell us the amount you want to give and we will have Alertpay email you an invoice from which you can pay with your debit or credit card worldwide without any hassles or difficulties! If you are mailing a check or money order, please send it to: Mark Allen, Apdo. 504-2120, Costa Rica, Central America, that's all the address you need.

We are asking all of God's people to give generously at this time so that we will have the funds to walk through the new doors that God is opening every day. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

This website started out fairly small in 1997, but it's been growing and growing ever since!

Since it's inception, the purpose of this site has been to get the TRUTH out to a world starving for truth. This world is constantly bombarded with lies. These lies come from selfish motivations of GET.

This website is different. We believe in God's concept of GIVE, rather than GET.

We invite you to visit our blog at Destiny Central, for up to the minute articles and commentary on subjects that effect your life every day.

We also invite you to visit our new success resources site, where you will find many freebies along with products and resources to help you in your daily life.

Problems With Real Player

For years, we have had all of our audio files here in Real Media format. This format is more compact than MP3, while retaining the same quality, thereby saving online storage disk space of between 30-50%.

However, recently we have discovered that Real Networks, in all their “wisdom,” has recently come out with a new player with a new file format, and has mot given this new player the capability of playing the “old format” real media files!

If you have encountered problems playing the files on our site, then, this is most likely the cause.

Sadly it appears that the original real player downloads are no longer available.

However, this is a good thing, in that Real Player was actually a piece of spyware that reported back what you were listening to to Real Networks.

The way around all of this is to install the K-Lite Mega Codec pack, which installs on your computer the Classic Media Player. This is actually one of the BEST media players for PC's out there, and with it, you can play ALMOST ANY AUDIO OR VIDEO OUT THERE, including the old Real Media formats. Unfortunately, as far as we know, this only works for Windows systems. If you have a Mac or are running Linux, you may start looking for the updated version of this super codec pack and see if they have it for those operating systems now. And, happy listening!

Click here to start downloading this codec pack. Remember to save it to your hard drive somewhere where you can find it. Once downloaded, click on the file to begin installation.

Our new, updated LIBRARY section is organized in a way that makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for faster.  We have tons of new and old material, so please bear with us.  We are reformatting each and every item in the library with our new look.  This is a very long and involved task, so some materials may not be restored for a little while, but we are working on it, and adding material that is not easily available elsewhere to boot!


Please also check out our discussion and news lists, to keep abreast of world events in the light of Bible prophecy.


We have a new section with Bible Study resources to help you study your Bible more.

We also have a new page with ideas on how you can help others, yourself, and us.  It will also discuss tips on how you can help spread the Gospel message in your daily life.


Our links section contains useful and updated resources to help you in all areas of life.


There you have it.  The all new, updated, more functional Restoration Website.  We pray that this all new site will be a blessing to you and yours.  May your life be filled with abundant joy and happiness!


Plain Bible Truth @ 2011